Pettern's Corner

Hello there!
My name is Petter, and I'm doing my very best to ruin Eskild's life.
One of my favourite hobbies is to run around on the keyboard biting his fingers when he is trying to get some work done.

And I just love newspapers! They turn into tiny, tiny bits of paper when I try to eat them... The paper is spread all over the appartment and is driving Eskild in sane!
I think everything on tables, windowsposts and shelves is looking much better on the floor. And I do my best to keep it there. Eskild doesn't like it very much... ;o)
I'll write some more the next time Eskild tries to get some work done.

Well, gotta go! I've got a date downtown, and since Eskild is home I've promised to be home early... (Yeah right! ;o)

See ya!



Photo: Eskild

© 1998 Eskild